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Pitching to the
co-founder of Netflix,
Marc Randolph

February, 2023

"Randolph congratulated Addison Antico, a graduate student from Sherborn, Massachusetts, in HPU’s Communication and Business Leadership program, and Jordan Rubin, a Class of 2022 HPU strategic communication graduate from Wayland, Massachusetts, for their continuing efforts to survey parents and modify their idea for an all-in-one baby formula feeding bottle, named Shimi."

"Last year, he gave us good advice to go out and see if parents really want to do this, and that’s what we did,” said Antico. “It was great to hear today that we really came full circle.”


Addison Antico, featured guest on NBC, Time Square Today

January, 2023

"CEO-The MJ Bottle, Addison Tyler Antico, was recently a featured guest on Times Square Today."

"The show, which was filmed in New York City overlooking Times Square by an Emmy Award-winning crew, included guests from around the country who shared their expertise and stories of their success."

IMG_5684 copy.JPG

Addison Antico speaks at
The 2022 Global Entrepreneurship Initiative
at Carnegie Hall

July, 2022

"Addison Antico and Jordan Rubin pose together before speaking to a room of global entrepreneurs at Carnegie Hall."


Being a guest on the co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph podcast, 
That Will Never Work

February, 2022

Addison Antico was selected out of 10 other entrepreneurs to be a guest on the co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph's show, That Will Never Work. On the show, Antico explained his conceptual idea to Mr. Randolph and gained extraordinary feedback. 

This wouldn't be the last meeting between Antico and Randolph...


Finalist in High Point University's 2022 Annual Business Plan Competition 

March, 2022

"The MJ Bottle is an all-in-one baby formula-feeding bottle that is in the process of being officially patented. The MJ Bottle is named after Antico’s nephew, Matthew Jr. The duo named the bottle after him when Antico ran into an issue with making a formula bottle on the go. The process of scooping formula powder and water into a bottle while away from home proved difficult. It’s a problem the pair noticed at Disney World when a parent ran into the same frustrating issue."


"Since winning first place at the Elevator Pitch Competition, Antico and Rubin formed A & J Innovative Solutions LLC. They have been contacting engineers and manufacturers to help bring their product to life and are preparing to move MJ Bottle to a full-time operation in Winston-Salem." 


Winner of High Point Univeristy's 2021 Annual Elevator Pitch Competition 

November, 2021

"Antico and Rubin, both seniors majoring in strategic communication, say their product is an all-in-one baby formula feeding bottle, and they are in the process of patenting it."

“The MJ Bottle is named after my nephew, Matthew Jr,” said Antico, who is from Sherborn, Massachusetts. “We named the bottle after him because that is how this problem first arose. That’s what led us to create this unique mechanism. My partner and I are excited to use the winning funds to further our invention and eventually get it into stores.”


Trump Mass. HQ opens on Hudson's Main Street

October, 2016

"The 45 Main St. location was chosen by Trump's Massachusetts campaign Chairman Vincent DeVito, of Wellesley, for its suburban appeal and because of Hudson's recent business renaissance, which has turned downtown into a popular restaurant destination with plenty of foot traffic.

The building is owned by Anthony Antico, of Wayland. Antico and his 16-year-old son, Addison, are Trump supporters and in March built a 14-by-48 foot Trump lawn sign in their backyard. According to Antico, Addison is very dedicated to the campaign and volunteered with the storefront this week."


Addison Antico: Having this sign makes me thank our Founding Fathers for creating the First Amendment

April, 2016

"Wayland residents drive by sophomore Addison Antico’s yard, each glaring at the campaign sign displayed. The bright lights shine into the four corners intersection, reflecting off the 14 by 48-foot purple sign that reads “Trump” in thick white letters in support of the Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump.

According to Antico, Wayland has a lot of Bernie Sanders campaign signs throughout the town. He and his Dad wanted to show their support for Trump with a sign, but because their house is not located on a main road, they decided to make a bigger one that could be seen from farther away."

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